World Strongman Cup Tomorrow

World Strongman Cup Manager Martin Muhr told IronMind® that once again, his tour is set for a very good contest, as a number of top competitors will square off in Germany tomorrow.

Among the entrants, Jarek Dymek will be making his World Strongman Cup debut. The other competitors are Slawomir Toczek, Tarmo Mitt, Michael Starov, Antanas Abrutis, Ralf Ber, Reidar Kvale, Dominic Filiou, Richard Danis, Terry Hollands and Simon Flint. Franz Beil will also be part of the field, in what will be his last competition, Muhr said.

The events are:

Conan's wheel: 395 kg
Bavarian stone lift: 325 kg
Log: maximum weight
Farmer's walk: 150 kg
Wheelbarrow: with cars
Stone loading: 120 to 180 kg

The setting for this contest is quite special, Muhr said, and he expects a crowd of several thousand to watch the battle for first place: "Mariusz is not there, so it's interesting to see who can win tomorrow," said Muhr.

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