World Strongman Cup Set for Moscow

IronMind® has just received the official list of competitors and events for the next stage of the World Strongman Cup, which is set for July 1, in Moscow's Luzniki Sports Stadium.

Here is the start list:

1. Janne Virtanen (Finland)
2. Stoyan Todorchev (Bulgaria)
3. Dominic Filiou (Canada)
4. Ronalds Gulbis (Latvia)
5. Boris Haraldsson (Iceland)
6. Dave Ostlund (USA)
7. Florian Trimpl (Germany)
8. Derek Boyer (Australia)
9. Pavel Soroka (Belarus)
10. Sebastjan Wenta (Poland)
11. Mostaba Maleki (Iran)
12. Dmitry Kononec (Russia)
13. Kirill Shimko (Belarus)
14. Mister X (Russia)

The events are: Farmer's Walk (2x150 kg), Truck Pull, Atlas Stones (5 stones), Conan's Wheel, Deadlift, and a Medley (barrels 2-3 x 90 kg + Duck Walk 200 kg for 20 meters + Tires Flip - 15 meters)

"Unfortunately, after the European Championship in Poland, Vidzis, Abrutis and Nigmatullin were injured," said Vlad Redkin, WSMC Manager.

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