World Strongman Cup: Riga

In the first contest of its 2006 season, the World Strongman Cup is making it debut in Riga, Latvia.

Competitors are:
1. Mariusz Pudzianowski
2. Magnus Samuelsson
3. Elbrus Nigmatulin
4. Tarmo Mitt
5. Raivis Vidzis
6.Dave Oslund
7. Dominic Filiou
8. Antanas Abrutis
9. Ralf Ber
10. Terry Hollands
11. Franz Beil
12. Oleg Dudkin
13. Guntars Kusinsh

The events are:
1. Log lift for reps (140 kg)
2. Conan wheel (380 kg)
3. Car deadlift
4. Atlas Stones (120-, 130-, 150-, 160- and 180-kg)
5. Super yoke (380 kg for 20 meters)
6. Medley: farmer's walk (140 kg in each hand for 30 meters) and tire flip (380 kg for five flips)

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