World Strongman Cup: Iran Stage Cancelled

Things had started off well, but when two Iranian young women asked Arild Haugen to lift them, that was the beginning of the end of this weekend's World Strongman Cup competition.

The setting was scenic, Kish Island in the Persian Gulf, and the field was formidable, with a lot of World's Strongest Man competitors present, but things went south in a hurry when Arild Haugen obliged the young Iranian women by lifting them. As World Strongman Cup Manager Vlad Redkin explained it to IronMind®, the lift was photographed and then the Iranian police stopped the contest, and arrested both the contest organizer and the two young women.

Although the forced cancellation of this contest "was very terrible" and posed "a big problem" for World Strongman Cup, Vlad Redkin told IronMind® that he is expecting to bounce back from this. Also, Redkin said that all the athletes were okay and that he spoke with the local organizer the next day, and that he had been released by the police.

More details will follow.

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