World Strongman Cup

The World Strongman Cup event in Minsk, Belarus this weekend had to go on without Glenn Ross in the field - his luggage was misplaced by the airline, keeping him from competing.

Final placings and points were:

1. Raivis Vidzis, 56
2. Ralf Ber, 45
3. Antanas Abrutis, 45
4. Tarmo Mitt, 43
5. Roland Gulbis, 39.5
6. Oleg Dudkin 34
7. Roman Novik, 34
8. Franz Beil, 33
9. Guntars Kushins, 31.5
10. Dave Ostlund, 31
11. Juri Fomin, 30.5
12. Sergey Rumin, 21.5
13. Alex Laparov, 11

The next event on the circuit is set for Wexford, Ireland on May 15.

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