World Series of Grip

Load it up: the Diesel Crew's Jim Smith and Jedd Johnson are unveiling their World Series of Grip this Saturday at April Ciaffaglione's NAS Stronger Than All strongman contest in New Haven, Connecticut.

If a platinum-level NAS contest isn't enough reason to be there, be sure to go over the to Diesel Crew's World Series of Grip booth, say hi to Jedd Johnson, check out the latest Diesel Crew grip articles, and give the World Series of Grip a try. The events are:

1. IronMind® Rolling Thunder® (this is a Rolling Thunder Nationals qualifier, too)
2. No. 3 Captains of Crush® Gripper
3. IronMind® Hub
4. IronMind® Blockbuster Pinch Grip Block

And while Jedd is running the booth, his partner Jim Smith will be slugging it out in the strongman contest, so be sure to cheer him on.

For more details on the Diesel Crew, please check the Diesel Crew website. For more details on the Stronger Than All strongman contest, please email April Ciaffaglione: and for details on NAS, and how you can get into strongman, please check the official NAS website.

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