World Cup Strongman: Glenn Ross Wins in Yorkshire Today . . . Jesse Marunde Sizzles

Glenn Ross won the World Cup Strongman event in Nostell Priory, Wakefield, Yorkshire, England today, but it wasn't easy because a brilliantly-performing Jesse Marunde very nearly stole the whole show.

Marunde swept the first three events and as an indication of his over-the-top performance, in the Inch dumbbell, after powerhouse Glenn Ross had done eight reps, Marunde banged out four reps and then said to the crowd, "Who's ready for my good arm now" and drove the spectators into a frenzy as he switched arms and pumped out five more reps to win the event.

Irish strongman champion Brian Irwin was second overall, and Jesse Marunde was third overall, reportedly losing the title when he elected to sit out the deadlift, thinking that he had the victory secure. Unfortunately, the winner of the first World Cup Strongman event this year, Antanus Abrutis, blew out both biceps on the first event.

1993 World's Strongest Man winner Gary Taylor was the head referee and he gave Jesse Marunde the "Athlete of the Day" award, in recognition of his impressive performance.

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