What Do You Believe?

Matthias Steiner's storybook performance at the recent Olympics brought to mind what Al Michaels said when the unheralded USA hockey team upset the powerhouse Soviet team in Lake Placid: "Do you believe in miracles? Yes!"

The IronMind® world is eminently physical - focused on such things as lifting, throwing, carrying, and bending. Starting with our company name, though, it should be clear that we see what goes on in between your ears as central to how you do with your performances in the strength world.

If your performances are flagging and you are looking for a fresh way to add some octane to your training, one that will enrich your life in multiple ways, be sure to read Steve Jeck's latest offering in "From The Quarry" - this is Steve Jeck's on-line column of thought pieces that will fire your neurons for better results in the gym and on the field.

Follow the menu from the Training Articles button at the top of the IronMind homepage to Steve Jeck's "From The Quarry" to read his latest inspiration.

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