West Coast Rolling Thunder Championships at Muscle Beach

The West Coast Rolling Thunder Championships will be held at Muscle Beach (Venice, California) on July 17, and even though the contest is expected to draw some of the strongest-handed guys around, anyone who wants to join in the fun will be welcome.

Run by Kevin Meskew in conjunction with a USPF deadlift contest, weigh-ins are from 10 to 11:30 am and the lifting is scheduled to start at about 12:30, with a flight of deadlifters likely to go before the Rolling Thunder® kicks in.  Open and Masters divisions will be run, with multiple body weight classes.

The first person to pull a 300-pound lift on the Rolling Thunder® will get a $300.00 gift certificate from IronMind® Enterprises, Inc., plus Kevin Meskew is adding $100.00 cash if someone hits the magic 300 pounds.

Even if not up at the mighty 300-pound level, top lifts will be rewarded: the biggest lift of the day will get a $50.00 IronMind® gift certificate plus a huge, five-foot trophy donated by Ascending Awards (Arleta, California), and Kevin Meskew is also offering $75.00 to anyone who lifts bodyweight. So come on down to the beach, have a great time and hoist a few heavy ones.

For details, please contact Kevin Meskew: warrior01@earthlink.net .

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