Weightlifting: 2004 Olympic Qualification

(Antalya, Turkey) International Weightlifting Federation president Dr. Tamas Ajan, addressing the European Weightlifting Federation Congress today, outlined 2004 Olympic qualification procedures.

Highlighting changes from the 2000 Olympics, Dr. Ajan said that there would be 260 competitors in weightlifting, with 170 men from 64 countries, and 90 women from 46 countries allowed.

Also, unlike in the 2000 Olympics, Dr. Ajan said a maximum of six men and four women would be allowed per country, and the host country would automatically be allowed a full team.

The two principal qualifying events will be the 2003 World Weightlifting Championships and the 2004 continental championships. In addition, an IWF Grand Prix event will provide another opportunity for weightlifters to qualify for the 2004 Olympics.

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