"We Are Very Happy For IFSA"

With IFSA just announcing its 2006 World Championships, IronMind® sought a comment from the High Council as a potentially valuable way to gain perspective on this news.

While the High Council couldn't resist some playful comments, it quickly settled down to addressing the serious business of strongman.

"The High Council is very happy for IFSA, and we are very pleased that all their struggles are bearing fruit . . . It would have been sad if all their athletes had nothing to compete for."

Continuing, the comments assumed the visionary perspective for which the High Council is known: "We hope that in the future, IFSA athletes will have the chance to compete for the real governing body of strongman." Asked to clarify who or what is the real governing body of strongman, IronMind was told, "It is where everybody competes wherever they want to . . . the High Council has spoken."

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