Walking the Blob

To others, it was merely one end from a broken York 100-pound dumbbell, but grip guy Richard Sorin recognized the challenge it posed - he named it "The Blob" and anyone who could pinch grip one and lift it earned some major bragging rights in the world of grip strength.

Richard Sorin and the Blob were first presented to the larger strength world in the early 1990s as IronMind® worked to bring more attention and respect to feats of grip strength. Since then, the grip world has grown substantially and not just in size - the quality of today's top performances keeps extending the boundaries, and the Blob is no exception.

Sure, merely deadlifting a Blob with a pinch grip remains a meritorious feat of grip strength that few can perform, but the top dogs are giving Blobs serious air time and they are moving these defiant chunks of iron in ways that were unthinkable even ten years ago.

Blob master Wade Gillingham, using actual Blobs, routinely carried a pair about 90', as part of a standard grip workout, and recently (February 19, 2009), Rex Hubbard, using a pair of blob-like implements, trotted for a very impressive 91' 11".

IronMind's understanding was that Wade's mark had never really been put forth as a world record, but was merely a training lift that happened to also be better than what anyone else could do. But wait, who's that on a cold Minnesota night shuffling along with a Blob (real ones) in each hand?

Once again, he makes no claim that it is any sort of official record, but Wade Gillingham told IronMind® today that he took his Blobs for a 107' 2" walk last night.

With that said, IronMind® will leave it to others to debate thin Blobs, fat Blobs and fake Blobs, but based on the latest reports, one thing is crystal clear: Blobs were made for walking.

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