Wade Gillingham Wins in Steel Fingers Challenge

Wade Gillingham proved his prowess in the pinch grip tonight, winning the first event in the IronMind® St. Louis Steel Fingers Challenge.

Gillingham hauled up 65 pounds in plates on the IronMind Blockbuster Pinch Grip Block (which weighs about 7.4 pounds with its loading pin and clip) to claim the $350 first place prize and take the lead overall.

Mighty-mitted Phil Pfister took second, with a lift of 60 pounds plus the apparatus, and third place was shared by Karl Gillingham and Brian Schoonveld, who both hauled up 55 pounds plus the apparatus.

Tomorrow, sparks will fly as Jim Davis Productions, Inc. and IFSA kick off the US National Strongman Championships, which will determine the American competitors in this year's World's Strongest Man contest, and is a benefit for the Children's Miracle Network.

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