WSMSS Returning to Muscle Beach

World's Strongest Man Super Series Tour Director Jesper Albansson told IronMind®, "We are very proud to once again return to classic strength and fitness ground."

"The 2005 Venice Beach Grand Prix became a huge success and our whole team is working full speed to top that show!" said Albansson. If you've been doing SUPER SQUATS or running hills, take a deep breath and you will be able to whip out the full contest name - "The World's Strongest Man Super Series Muscle Beach Grand Prix - Prevail Through Performance" - but let's make it simple and just say that the road to the 2007 MET-Rx World's Strongest Man heads for a great beach - Muscle Beach - on June 16, and if you want to see some of the biggest names in strongman, this is the place to be.

Event details have not been released yet, but Albansson said, "Our equipment team is working on the layouts right now in order to create an exiting mixture of events. One very pleasing fact is that the WSM Super Series sponsor Thule America has shown interest in utilizing its sponsorship more fully by moving their specially-designed stones platform (used in the 2006 WSMSS Mohegan Sun GP) down to Venice Beach, in order to deepen its tie to the WSMSS and the strongman community."

And as for the lineup, Albansson told IronMind®, "Invites are being sent out and we have already received notice from two top names that they are planning their Super Series comeback for this event . . ."

If you're a strongman fan, this contest should make your don't-miss-it list, so act fast because, as Albansson explained, "The only downside with the event is that we have limited access for the fans as the arena can only accommodate 250 spectators. For those who want to secure their ticket, they are welcome to send an e-mail to and request ticketing information."

Pack a hat and your sunscreen - we'll see you there.

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