WSMSS Mohegan Sun Grand Prix: The Events

IronMind® has received the official list of events for the World's Strongest Man Super Series Mohegan Sun Grand Prix.

Fourteen competitors will begin the six-event contest, and the field will be cut to ten competitors after the first three events and then cut to eight competitors for the final two events.

Super Yoke Carry (14 athletes, seven heats): 400 kg/880 pounds for 30 meters/100 feet
Mohegan Sun Viking Press (14 athletes, seven heats): uses slot machines; may be pressed or push pressed (not jerked)
Atlas Stones (14 athletes, seven heats): six stones will be loaded (285 to 420 pounds)
Car Deadlift (ten athletes, five heats): parallel handles, bare hands, for reps, single-ply suit ok
Hercules Hold (eight athletes, four heats): two cars on opposing ramps
Power Medley (eight athletes, four heats): 900-pound tire flip (four times), 900-pound frame carry for 50 feet

The WSMSS Mohegan Sun Grand Prix is the first qualifier for the 2007 MET-Rx World's Strongest Man contest and it is scheduled for April 22 at the Mohegan Sun Casino & Hotel.

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