WSMSS Mohegan Sun: Event Update

An updated event list has just been released for the WSMSS Mohegan Sun Grand Prix, and while it is still subject to change, this release has been billed as "most likely final discipline descriptions."

Twelve competitors will start, and the field will be cut to the top six for final two events. For the first four events, scoring will be 12 points, 11, 10 . . . and an athlete passing on or failing at an event will get 0. For the fifth and sixth events, scoring will be 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 for first to last place, respectively.

Here are the events:

Power Medley: tire flip (900 pounds) followed by a giant frame carry (840 pounds)
Mohegan Sun Viking Press: press or push press for reps
Super Yoke Carry: 880-pound yoke
Car Deadlift: Hold for time
"Husafell" stone carry: 400-pound stone, carried for distance
Atlas Stones: load five stones (ranging from 285 to 400 pounds)

The WSMSS Mohegan Sun Grand Prix is January 19, with a 7:00 pm start time, and tickets are available now.

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