WSMSS Looks Toward 2007

With their 2006 season just completed, WSMSS Tour Director Jesper Albanson said, "It's been a fantastic year," citing the athletes, locations and TV productions that have resulted from the contests.

Not stopping here, though, Albanson said, "We are already deep into our planning for next year. 2007 is looking good, but we are not content to rest on our laurels. We want to remain humble and we know that we have to keep the focus and work hard because we want to remain the number-one tour in strongman."

WSMSS combined the Super Series tour concept with the ultimate brand name and by far the most prestigious event in strongman, TWI's World's Strongest Man contest. In its inaugural year, WSMSS kicked off the 2006 tour with a contest at the Arnold, followed by the its second consecutive appearance at the Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino, before moving to Moscow and culminating in today's contest in Poland. Top finishers at each WSMSS competition qualified for the 2006 MET-Rx WSM contest, winning the most coveted invitation in strongman.

Jesper Albanson praised each stop in the 2006 tour and said, "We are very happy to have had four fantastic events in four fantastic locations."

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