WSMC Opens in the Persian Gulf

World Strongman Cup (WSMC) Manager Vlad Redkin told IronMind®, " The first stage of the World Strongman Cup 2007 Season of Strength takes place on March 15 - 16 on the Iranian Kish Island in the Persian Gulf."

Once again, WSMC has drawn a field of top international strongman competitors:

1. Mariusz Pudzianowski - Poland
2. Jeremy Hogg - Australia
3. Tarmo Mitt - Estonia
4. Raivis Vidzis - Latvia
5. Pavel Soroka - Belarus
6. Sergei Rjumin - Belarus
7. Elbrus Nigmatullin - Russia
8. Dmitry Kononec - Russia
9. Florian Trimpl - Germany
10. Boris Haraldsson - Iceland
11. Raymon Merckx - Netherlands
12. Stojan Todorchev - Bulgaria
13. Mark Felix - Grenada
14. Dominic Filiou - Canada
15. Olegs Dudkins - Latvia
16. Ren Minkwitz - Denmark
17. Arild Haugen - Norway
18. Ralf Ber - Austria
19. Reza Gharaei - Iran
20. Mojtaba Maleki - Iran
21. Majid Dejbarar - Iran
22. Farzad Mosakhani - Iran

Day one events are: Truck Pull, Farmer's Walk (2 x 140 kg, 40 meters for time), Log Lift (130 kg for reps), and Tire Flip. Day two events are: Medley, Wheelbarrow, Super Yoke and Loading. All athletes will compete on both days.

This should be a spectacular contest, not just because of the size and quality of the field but also because of the setting: For everyone not familiar with it, Vlad Redkin explained, "Kish Island used to be the holiday paradise of the Iranian people."

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