WSMC: Official Statement

IronMind® has received the following official statement from World Strongman Cup Federation regarding the recent changes in their organization and their future plans.

"This is an official statement from the head and owner of rights of the association World Strongman Cup Federation (WSMC) concerning the absolute termination of all collaborations with Mr. Vladislavs Redkins, Latvian citizen, who used to promote and organise a couple of competitions for WSMC, due to cumulations of inconsistencies.

"It's neither the aim nor the style of WSMC, to argue internal stuff in official forums, but due to the lack and loss of normal and respectful communications, which slowly degenerates to libels (what really saddens us!), we are forced to announce this statement.

"But anyway, that's an unpleasant situation because of the sudden interruption of the WSMC series 2007, but World Strongman Cup Federation doesn't define ourself solely through a former cooperator.

"A constant rise of worldwide hours of broadcasting of the WSMC competitions, the loyalty of the best strength athletes of the world and good connections with other associations, viewers, friends and fans characterise the years of good work of the WSMC and the success proves us right.

"The future plans of WSMC are certainly not endangered just because of a temporarily clouded connection with Mr. Vladislavs Redkins, due to our successful work from the very beginning, we will carry on with our impressive success rate of having a transparent, clean and fair cooperation with all other participants of the strongman scene in order to push this fantastic sport to its boundaries and even further.

"Concerning the WSMC competitions in the Eastern countries, we don't really think that we depend on Mr. Redkins, because WSMC always treated other associations and athletes honourable and respectfully.

"For his future, we wish Mr. Redkins all the best!"

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