WSM Winners Galore at the Mohegan Sun

All but one World's Strongest Man winner since 1997 will be at the Mohegan Sun, so if you want to see anyone from Jouko Ahola to Mariusz Pudzianowski, you know where to be.

Everyone in the lineup at WSMSS strongman event set for June 1 at the Mohegan Sun has competed in the World's Strongest Man contest and every winner since 1997 other than Vasyl Virastyuk is scheduled to be there. Here's the lineup of competitors:

1. Svend Karlsen
2. Magnus Samuelsson
3. Mariusz Pudzianowski
4. Janne Virtanen
5. Hugo Girard
6. Karl Gillingham
7. Odd Haugen
8. Dave Ostlund
9. Kevin Nee
10. Josh Thigpen
11. Dominic Filiou
12. Terry Holland
13. Jesse Marunde
14. Mark Philippi

referee: Jouko Ahola

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