WSM Heats: Day 1 Results...

Facing another day of heat and humidity, the contestants fighting to make the finals for the 1999 "World's Strongest Man" (WSM) TV show completed two events today. Today's events were a carry and drag, and either a truck pull or the Husafell stone. Top places in the carry and drag were as follows. Group One: 1) Minkfitz 2) Ahola 3) Veroga. Group Two: 1) Girard 2) Vagadal 3) Brown. Group Three: 1) Baskin 2) Veneberg. Group Four: 1) Barr 2) Samuelsson 3) Onasai. Group Five: 1) Virtanen 2) Ross 3) Badenhorst. Top results from the truck pull were as follows. Group Two: 1) Olafsson 2) Girard 3) Vagadal. Group Three: 1) Baskin 2)Veneberg 3) Hoffman. Group Four: 1) Onasai 2) Samuelsson 3) Barr. The remaining two groups carried the Husafell stone for their second event. Group One: 1) Ahola 2) Minkfitz 3) Veroga. Group Five: 1) Virtanen 2) Karlsen 3) Pannanen.

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