WSM Finals: More From Day 2...

With three events completed in the finals of the 1999 edition of the "World's Strongest Man" TV show, all the favorites remain very much in contention. Today's event, a boat pull, was won by Samuelsson, with Girard in second place, and Virtanen in third. The full standings after three events are: Karlsen, 26; Ahola, 25; Samuelsson and Virtanen tied at 22; Girard, 19; Veneberg, 18; Olafsson, 14; Barr, 9; Fekete, 6; Minkfitz, 1 (withdrawn). Brown and Bergmanis had been asked to stay as reserves, but were released once the finals started. Minkfitz was injured in the first couple meters of the super yoke yesterday, and was unable to continue. Samuelsson was reported to have aggravated his back in yesterday's deadlift, but his determination, coupled with the expert medical assistance he received, seem to have made that a non-issue as he won today's event.

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