WSF Update: Strongman and Mas Wrestling in Russia

WSF is coming off three recent strongman/Mas wrestling competitions in Russia, Vlad Redkin reported to IronMind, and he has a handful of additional contests already on the books for the remainder of the year.

On June 30, in Vologda, Russia, the six-event WSF International competition was won by Alexander Lapirov (Belarus), followed by Pavel Sprutsko (Russia) and Denis Nagibin (Russia).

On the same day, in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, the WSF CIS and Baltics Team Championships was won by Muravlev-Nigmatullin (Russia), followed bye Lashyn-Ivanov (Ukraine) and Mit-Abrutis (Baltics).

On July 6, the IMWF World Mas-Wrestling Championship were held in cooperation with WSF at the “Triumph” Center for Sports Training in Yakutsk, Russia.  Redkin said this was “the final of the absolute first World Championship of Mas-Wrestling (the second stage of the World Cup).

“The first world champion Viktor Kolibabchuk—the master of sports of wrestling, three-time Russian champion, twice undisputed champion of Russia, the European champion,” reigned supreme.  “In the Yakut platform was not equal to two-meter athlete of the Smolensk region of Russia,” Redkin reported.  “Evgeny Sivtsev and Anatoly Baishev from Yakutia were the second and third places, respectively.

“Responding to questions from journalists Viktor Kolibabchuk, praised the organization of the World Cup: ‘Duels took place in an honest and hard struggle.  Can be seen a large growth of all participants. Particularly high levels of expressed Sivtsev Eugene, who has always given full control. To be honest, I did not expect victory. I am happy and full of emotion.’

“The president of the International Mas-wrestling Federation and the Russian mas-Wrestling Federation, Alexander Akimov, said, “We have the huge growth in popularity in recent years the Yakut national sports.  Mas-wrestling in cooperation with strongman sport crossed the border of the Eurasian continent and is now in South America in Brazil, the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates.’

“As acknowledged by Alexander Akimov, Victor Kolibabchuk has now become a national hero in Yakutia. Vice President of Yakutia, the Chairman of the organizing committee of the International Sports Games "Children of Asia" Dmitry Glushko expressed confidence that this spectator sport has the potential to be an Olympic sport.’”

Looking ahead this year, Redkin told IronMind that WSF has scheduled the following competitions:

• Ukraine WSF World Cup stage (July 15)
• Moscow World Strongman Grand Prix (July 28)
• WSF International competition in Belarus (September 3)
• WSF Europian Championship in Georgia (September 8)

Also on the calendar for September, Redkin said, are:

• IMWF World Cup (mas-wrestling) in competition planned for Moscow
• WSF World Cup event in Finland (with Jyrki Rantanen)
• WSF World Cup in Belarus

“And others!” said Redkin.


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