WSF Strongman World Cup: Surprise in Georgia

“Very unexpected results!,” Vlad Redkin told IronMind as he reported the results of the second stage of the WSF Strongman World Cup, held in Batumi, Georgia yesterday.

“Two Georgians on a pedestal.  Native walls help!,” Redkin said, as he continues to expand strongman throughout the former Soviet world, and in the latest stage of the WSF Strongman World Cup, Redkin brought strongman to the Black Sea.

Here are the top five:

1. Zviad Kajaia (Georgia) 50.0
2. Nicolai Hansen (Denmark) 49.0
3. Konstantine Janashia (Georgia) 45.5
4. Atanas Abrutis (Lithuania) 45.0
5. Tarmo Mitt (Estonia) 41.5

The WSF Strongman World Cup continues with its next contest—scheduled for Mink, Belarus—later this month.


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