WSF Snowman World Cup

The WSF Snowman World Cup 2012 has been announced for December 17, Vlad Redkin confirmed for IronMind.

“We plan to organize on 17 of  December in Vodyniki, Ukraine the international team strongman competition.  Four teams will participate: Ukraine, Nordic, Baltic and Russia-Belarus Union.”

This contest will feature outdoor events:

1. Viking Press: 280 kg (in pairs)
2. Timber Carry: 300 kg for distance (or team)
3. Medley (Tire flips, Duck walk, Sled)
4. Pole Push
5. Dumbell: 90 kg for reps (team)
6. Ice Loading: 9 pieces (up to 150 kg) on platform.

Also, on December 10, Redkin will organize the Belarus Open Strongman Championship in Gomel, with 20 athletes and seven events.  “[There] will be a Rolling Thunder Championship and Mas-Wrestling Championship, stick pulling—a national Yakut kind of sport,” Redkin explained.


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