WSF, ASF: “Who’s on First?”

In the wake of the Abu Dhabi strongman contest in which ASF/WSF allegedly misrepresented their event as being IMG’s World’s Strongest Man, IronMind received a formal statement from WSF distancing itself from ASF, and then IronMind was copied on an email from ASF’s Omid Amiri to WSF’s Vlad Redkin that painted quite a different picture.

First, here is Vlad Redkin’s statement:

“IMG. I would like to thank IMG for trust!

"As the Asian Strongman Federation continues to use 'WSM' name on its website and has not provided all the prizes at the WSF World Strongmen Championship ( it was second chance in Abu Dhabi for Amiri, because in first time we lose money in Amiri competition in Kish island/Iran some years ago),  we find it impossible to continue to cooperate with Omid Amiri, his ASF and Iranian federation [IFBB]. 

"And we will ban all of their tournaments and all athletes.

"We recommend all our partners and athletes be careful with ASF and Omid Amiri.  It continues to mislead all and suggests at the same time to all series to hold in common tournaments in Dubai or Belarus in April. It is its game. 

 We recommend to all to receive in advance all necessary money, differently will get to our situation and don't receive from ASF prize-winning money. Amiri doesn't carry out the signed contracts,” said Vlad Redkin.

Curiously, minutes after IronMind received the initial email from Vlad Redkin containing the above statement, I was copied on an email from ASF’s Omid Amiri to Vlad Redkin, which included their back and forth discussion about contest-related payments and then the final exchanges:

[from Omiri to Redkin]

I read in ironmind about uzbakistan why you dosent invite from Farzad for this events?! Plz send me as soon as possible your answer !?”

[Redkin’s reply to Omiri]

“Hello my Iranian Friend,
I still didnt receive the copy of Farzad passport!
How I can order flights? Your flights is booked.”

[and then Omiri’s final email, attaching the passport information for himself, his wife and daughter, and his top strongman athlete, Farzad]


there is farzad mousakhani, nastaran and aryana passport copy for uzbakistan .
thanks for your again cooperation. I hope we can start again together.”

So, IronMind asks the simple question, “Who’s on first?

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