WHEA Finnish Strong(wo)man Nationals

Eemeli Majamaa on the truck pull in the 2016 Pure Power™ event. IronMind® | Photo by WHEA/Tommi Ääri -90kg men´s winner Eemeli Majamaa in the duck walk + tire flip medley. IronMind® | ©WHEA/Tapani Poikela

“WHEA´s Strongman/woman Nationals were held last weekend in Kannus, Finland and the event was a success,” WHEA Chairman Jyrki Rantanen told IronMind today.

“With nearly 40 athletes in the starting line we made a new record and had one of the all-time biggest strongman/woman competitions organized in Finnish soil in terms of number of competitors, although we are waiting to see that record demolished in September at US World Championships (which are held 9th-10th, September in Finland),” said Rantanen.

Sari Paukkunen

Säde Laine 

Annika Haapala 

Saija Kantola 

Mikko Kiviharju

Eemeli Majamaa 

Joona Vanhatalo

Martti Harjapää


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