Viktors Scherbatihs Wins Supers

Chiang Mai, Thailand - With Hossein Rezazadeh in the audience instead of on the platform, the winning numbers were expected to be down in the super heavyweight class at the World Weightlifting Championships tonight, and there was a feeling that a 200-kg snatch along with a 250-kg clean and jerk would probably be good enough to take top honors.

As it turned out, 240 was the top clean and jerk, which Scerbatihs (Latvia), Evgeny Chigishev (Russia) and Jaber Salem (Qatar) all made. Scerbatihs got the gold in the snatch with 202, as well as the total; Chigishev got the silver the snatch (201) and the total; and Salem, who was fourth in the snatch (195), got the bronze in the total.

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