Viking Stone Lifting Challenge

"Petur Gudmundsson and I are in the beginning of planning something called 'The Viking Stonelifting Challenge,'" Dr. Bill Crawford told IronMind®, so if you're interested in stonelifting, in the Land of Fire and Ice, here's your chance.

Bill Crawford goes full sterkur with the Husafell Stone. IronMind® | Copyright Dr. William Crawford.
Bill Crawford goes full sterkur with the Husafell Stone. IronMind® | Copyright Dr. William Crawford.

"The idea is to get up to 10 stonelifters/strongmen to travel by bus to lift four great Icelandic stones," explained Bill. "The itinerary would be to:

1) Lift and carry 'The Tombstone' on day one,
2) Lift and carry the largest of the Dritvik Stones day two,
3) Lift the 'Stones of Latra' on the Western  fjords day three, and
4) Go to Husafell day four.

If you can complete each of the prescribed tests you will be certified as having completed the Viking Stonelifting Challenge.

Petur requires only that the guys fly themselves there, and he will ask for a reasonable fee to organize travel (a 4-wheel drive bus) and accommodations . . ."where we will be going is not easily accessible due to the notorious Icelandic roads." Also, he is looking to have sponsorship which would offset some of the cost.

With great understatement, Bill concluded, "Frankly this will be a once-in-a-lifetime trip for many of the participants."

Petur and Bill would like to know who might be interested in this, so if you are, please drop us a line at

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