Viking Power Challenge-World’s Strongest Man Qualifier: Competitors and Events

The Viking Power Challenge, set for June 6, is part of the Giants Live tour, meaning that it’s also an official qualifier for the World’s Strongest Man contest.

The Viking Power Challenge - it’s a World’s Strongest Man qualifier.  IronMind® | Artwork courtesy of Svend  Karlsen/Viking Power Productions.
The Viking Power Challenge - it’s a World’s Strongest Man qualifier.  IronMind® | Artwork courtesy of Svend  Karlsen/Viking Power Productions.

With so much on the line, getting an invitation to the 2009 Viking Power Challenge was one of the hottest tickets in strongman.  Here’s the starting field:

Jarek Dymek
Derek Poundstone
Travis Ortmayer
Misha Koklyaev
Kevin Nee
Slawomir Toczek
Johannes Orsjo
Stefan Solvi Petursson
Jimmy Marku
Richard Skog
Lars Rorbakken
Andre Solvang

Events are:

Yoke race
Log lift (last man standing),
Fingal’s fingers
Atlas stones
Loading (in a wheelbarow)
“After the best Norway’s Strongest Man contest in history, we are really looking forward to the VPC,” Svend Karlsen told IronMind®, and with three World’s Strongest Man invitations on the line, a lot is riding on the outcome of this competition, which is also the second stop on the 2009 Giants Live tour.

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