Vierra and Pierson Win in Arizona

Summer Pierson won the Women's Highland Games World Championships in Mesa, Arizona this weekend and Ryan Vierra took top honors in the Men's pros.

Athletics chair Ryan Seckman told IronMind®, "Saturday we had over 40 athletes, including 10 of the top Men's Pros, finishing as follows:

1. Ryan Vierra
2. Larry Brock
3. Sean Betz
4. Harrison Bailey
5. Dave Brown
6. Andrew Hobson
7. Jason Johnston
8. Lannie Pullon
9. Mark Valenti
10. Brent Abbott

On Sunday we had our other group of 40 athletes including 7 of the top women finishing as follows:

Womens World Champion Scottish Highland Games

1. Summer Pierson
2. Mindy Lincoln
3. Kate Mason
4. Kim Hoke
5. Lacy Johnson
6. Emily Burchett
7. Jackie Grieg

"We had over 15,000 spectators over the two days."

Evidently, the early start on Friday didn't hurt Ryan Vierra. Congratulations, all!

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