Veneberg Wins IFSA Hungarian Grand Prix...

Veteran strongman Berend Veneberg (HOL) won this weekend's IFSA Hungarian Grand Prix, marking Jouko Ahola's (FIN) first Grand Prix loss this year, and Veneberg's first ever IFSA Grand Prix victory. Veneberg ended the two-day event with 67 points. Ahola was second with 64 points, Badenhorst (RSA) was third with 57 points and Fekete was fourth with 55 points. "It was a great show," said contest organizer Marcel Mostert, with approximately 3,000 spectators both days of the event. Competition highlights included Veneberg easily winning the weight for height, throwing a 12 kg barrel 7 meters 10 centimeters, which Mostert said he thinks "might be the highest ever thrown in Europe, maybe in the world." Also, the Farmer's Walk used staggering 152 kg implements-Ahola won, with a distance of 50 meters.

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