Van Hatfield Wins ASC Live in Tulsa

"Great event! Great performances by all," ASC president Dione Wessels told IronMind®, describing the ASC Live event in Tulsa.

Wessels said that contest highlights included "Carl Foemmel on the farmer's medley in 25 seconds and the newest 105-kg pro Aaron Mullett winning the truck and tire flip medley in 46 seconds. Tamas Malatinszki came in from Hungary and had a great performance. Definitely one of the strongest Hungarians! Warrick Brant came in from Australia. He looked strong on the overhead, but was dealing with a bit of jet lag. Van Hatfield looked great coming back from injuries."

Here are the overall places:

1. Van Hatfield
2. Tamas Malatinszki
3. Brad Dunn
4. Matt Wanat
5. Dave Hanson
6. Aaron Mullett
7. Carl Foemmel
8. John Conner
9. Warrick Brant
10. Brad Johnson
11. Eric Todd

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