United Strongmen™ and Wall of Fame

Jyrki Rantanen has been on the move in the strongman world and he has just given IronMind a press release for a new organization he has started, with a launch announced on Facebook.

Jyrki Rantanen has a straightforward beginning to his statement about United Strongmen: “We are THE government . . . .”  IronMind® | Artwork courtesy of United Strongmen™.
Jyrki Rantanen has a straightforward beginning to his statement about United Strongmen: “We are THE government . . . .”  IronMind® | Artwork courtesy of United Strongmen™.

United Strongmen/Wall of Fame
by Jyrki Rantanen

“For the past years there have been a lot of talk about strongman and how it need´s some change . . . here´s our part of the change:

UNITED STRONGMEN™ is a new Strongman organization/government body - and to point out - we are not looking to be any kind of sole government - we are THE government, which is focusing to develop the strength world.
UNITED STRONGMEN™ is open for co-operation with all organizers, other governments and of course competitors around the whole world without any annual or one time fees. Our motto is ‘We don´t take, We give.’

There won´t be any restrictions for competitors not to compete in other governments etc. We just have some demands to our member organizers and governments and the rules will be launched live in our website: www.unitedstrongmen.com during October 2011. The main thing here is unity between the separated world of Strongman.

In October we are also launching UNITED STRONGMEN™ WALL OF FAME - it´s an awarding structure for the people, who have left their footprint in the world of Strongman with positive effect. It covers of course the competitors, but also organizers and other people who have had great influence for the sport. The awards are of course published in our website and Facebook like modern day insist, but also the solid versions will be given to the awarded people or their representatives in the happenings which are having enough dignity for the Awarded person and UNITED STRONGMEN™ WALL OF FAME Award.

So far we have already listed nearly 20 people who will have the award of glory, but they will be released only a punch per year, so the younger ones will have to wait a little longer..and new ones will have time to grow worth of the Award.

Christmas also came early for strength people - until the webpage in opened (and also after that) we can be located in Facebook under the name UNITED STRONGMEN - Weekly there will appear a small album of photos about strength competitions from at least four decades (there will be photos from my personal archives as well as from some of the World´s Strongest Mens and long-term organizers etc.). Along with the photo collections in Facebook and our upcoming pages there will be information about our co-operators in different countries, their competitions, invitations, advises how to qualify etc. And it´s Free.

We also believe in enough open policy, but in the start I´m the only public face on this and the name is legally registered to my company but I can ensure that behind me there are many wise advisors in the community to build up more  sophisticated world of Strongman.

So, be wise and be our friend -otherwise you might miss some important news.”


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