United Strongmen: Queen of Stones

“As the Finnish strongmen are well known about their great stone lifting history we decided to salute it in our women´s competition, too,” Jyrki Rantanten told IronMind.

“We will give the title of ‘The Queen of the Stones™’ to the winner of the stone event, which we count to be a world record if someone is able to do it.

“Our last event is the Atlas stones, made with Slater molds....5 stones....the first ones are carried 3 meters and then lifted up to 120 cm (47.2 inches) and the 3 last ones are lifted next from the platform over 1 meter high.

“Our set is 50-73-105-116 and the last is definitely not the least is 136.6 kg (300.6 lb.) "Monster Babe" with 20-inch (50.8 cm) diameter.

“Some claims for the event: The biggest stone lifted in stone set in international competitions for strongwoman (diameter/weight), the heaviest set of stones lifted (and carried) in a stone set in international strongwoman competition, etc.

“So, along with the question about who will be the world champion we are facing the question, Who will be the Queen of the Stones?,” said Rantanen.


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