United Strongmen Announces New Prize Money Policy

Saying it will no longer pay travel expenses for some athletes, United Strongmen’s new policy will be to raise the level of prize money:  “In both Women´s and 105kg World Championships the prize money is raised to US$1000 to the top six,” Jyrki Rantanen told IronMind.

Rantanen said this will “offer more athletes the opportunity to join the party [and] talking about equality, I think this might the first time in history, when men and women are getting the same prizes in strongman/woman contest.” Other than anyone “who is banned for doping,” the top five from the following contests are welcomed to these world championships:

USA: ASC America´s Strongest Woman & America´s Strongest Man under 105kg
Finland: Finland´s Strongest Man under 105kg & Finland´s Strongest Woman
Britain´s Strongest Man under 105kg
Norway: KST Strongwoman qualification contest & Norway´s Strongest Man under 105kg
Sweden: Sverige´s Stargaste Kvinna
Austalia: Dolphin Precinct Australian National StrongMan and StrongWoman Amateur Cup

And if your country is not on this list, check on United Strongmen for additional details and other options.

“Talking about prizes…during the same happening we have  also Strongman Fitness® European Championships, along with Ironmind Grip Classic, which will have loads of prizes from Starnutrition (Fitnesstukku/Gymgrossisten brand),” said Rantanen.


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