Ulf Bengtsson: WSM Super Series on a Roll

Coming off its successful production of the Arnold Strongman competition, World's Strongest Man Super Series founder Ulf Bengtsson took a few minutes to talk to IronMind® about what his group has been up to.

"During the last couple of years, World Class Events (WCE) and its partners have worked with dedication, determination and a lot of heart toward establishing the ultimate strongman competition vehicle," Bengtsson said. That vehicle, World's Strongest Man Super Series (WSMSS), Bengtsson said, "has become very attractive to serious stakeholders such as athletes, TV networks, Grand Prix promoters and sponsors.

"WCE has made it a top priority to further develop long-term partnerships with existing and new professional promoters who appreciate the great benefits of hosting a world-class event such as a World's Strongest Man Super Series Grand Prix," said Bengtsson, pointing to the return of WSMSS to the Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort "for yet another magnificent Grand Prix. The quality of the sport continues to improve and serious stakeholders are now finding the sport of strongman even more appealing.

"For the tour of 2006 and onward, WCE is increasing its efforts to include more US-based events. This so that the best US athletes will have larger access to global TV exposure and receive the chance to compete against the international stars. Furthermore, the large US fan base will have more opportunities to see the top athletes live at major contests such as the Mohegan Sun Grand Prix on June 1."

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