USSF: A New Strongman Federation

Starting with the idea that even "amateur" strongmen should have the chance to earn money, the United States Strongman Federation (USSF) is being formed by Ty Phillips.

Phillips has shared the USSF mission statement with IronMind® and it states:

"The purpose of the USSF is to bring the sport of strongman out of the back yard and into the light. . .The USSF is for and by the athletes, not the promoters. . .The USSF mission is to see even amateurs get paid for winning . . . Instead of seeing athletes pay hundreds of dollars and hours of travel for little gain and the hopes of one day becoming a pro, we would like to see the best amateur athletes get paid on their way. The registration dues you pay and the contest fees you pay, GO BACK TO YOU in winnings, prizes and food at every show. A board of athlete elected officials will govern so that the best interest of the athletes stays in mind."

Phillips had been the Ohio NAS Chairman and he waited to go public with his announcement until he first advised NAS President Dione Wessels, who immediately relieved him of his NAS position. Quick to point out that his motivation is to advance the sport of strongman, Phillips told IronMind®, "I approached Dione and Willie [Wessels] prior to the release of any information regarding USSF out of respect. I like them both and they are good people."

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