USAPL Coming to the 2008 Arnold

Citing its history, drug testing policy and affiliation with the IPF, Jim Lorimer announced today that USAPL is being welcomed to the 2008 Arnold Sports Festival.

With a crowd of approximately 150,000 attending the 2007 weekend, the scope of the Arnold Sports Festival is enormous, and Jim Lorimer, the event's producer, told IronMind® that his efforts are fully in line with the goal of eliminating banned substances from sports. Showcasing sports from sumo to cheerleading, the Arnold Sports Festival grows each year, and it is committed to clean athletic competition, Lorimer said.

"USA Powerlifting is committed to the honor and integrity of competitive powerlifting," said Dr. Larry Maile, President of USA Powerlifting. "We are thrilled to join the Arnold Sports Festival in the presentation of this sport on a fair competitive platform emphasizing honor and respect. Our international affiliation with the esteemed International Powerlifting Federation will bring added attention to the sport and the Arnold Sports Festival."

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