USAA National Pro-Am Armwrestling Championships: Brzenk and Woelfel Overall Winners

Once again hosted by the Tahoe Biltmore Lodge and Casino in Crystal Bay, Nevada, the USAA National Pro-Am Armwrestling Championships had the added pull this year of being a qualifier for the 2005 Arnold. In the men's pro right catetgory last night, Takasahi Maeyama won the 0 - 154s, Chris Chandler won the 155 - 176s, Don McClary won the 177 - 198s, and John Brzenk won the 199 - 242, as well as the 242 & above class. John Brzenk also won the overall right-hand title and Eric Woelfel won the overall left-hand title. Keep your eye on USA Armwrestling's website for full results and the complete list of who qualified at this tournament for the 2005 Arnold.

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