USA Versus Canada: Day 5 at the All Nations Challenge

Day five has started off wet and rainy. The contest was postponed for an hour to let the rain pass. Team USA and Team Canada start off in the Island stone load. Team Canada fails to load the black stone. Phil Pfister comes out and does a tremendous job loading the sixth stone. Team USA has injuries with all the competitors, but they still look flawless and are really working well together. Team USA wins event one.

In event two, the log lift, Team Canada completes 13 repetitions, and sets a high number for Team USA to chase. Team USA comes out and completes 13 repetitions for the tie.

The third event was the four man Sudan walk today. Team Canada completes it in 37.31 seconds which is fast, but Team USA takes the win completing the event in 33.90 seconds.

The fourth event of the day is the All Strength Stone, and Team Canada Starts out with Geoff Dolan, and finishes with Travis Lyndon for a total distance of 440'3". Team USA starts the walk out with Jon Andersen, and finishes with Phil Pfister for a total distance of 465'3" for the win.

The fifth event is the Strongman Wrestling; Van Hatfield goes out for the first match, and pins Brad Cardy fast. The second Match, it is Phil Pfister and Brad Cardy. They tangle for a while, but it ends up with Brad on top for the win for Canada. The next match is Steve Kirit and Geoff Dolan. Geoff takes the win so Team Canada wins this event.

The sixth event is the Pole Push, Team USA uses tremendous skill, endurance, and agility. They win the first two pushes and take another win.

The 7th and last event is the wt. for ht. Lyndon and Geoff start off, but fail after the third implement. They finish with a time of 3 implements in 46.02 seconds. Team USA comes out to take the win with 4 implements in 41.42 seconds. Team USA finishes off the first part of the day with a win against Canada!!!

Reported by Dione Wessels, NAS and ASA

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