USA Powerlifting Men's National Championships

Here are the winners so far from the USAPL Men's National Championships, from the 52-kg class through the 100-kg class.

52-kg, Ervin Gainer: 200/105/230
56-kg, Doc Holloway: 220/137.5/260
60-kg, Hennis Washington: 255/152.5/237.5
67-kg, Keith Scisney:260/170/235
75-kg, Wade Hooper: 340/230.5/277.5
82.5 kg, Steve McLawchin: 335/225/310
90-kg, Ray Benemerito: 322.5/210/297.5
100-kg, Jason Beck: 352.5/245/337.5

The lifting continues today, with the 110-, 125- and +125-kg classes.

For full results, please check:

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