US Stone King

Who's the best stone lifter in the US?

With Travis Ortmayer now on board to compete at the FitExpo Pro Strongman Challenge, Odd Haugen said that this will be, in effect, the US stone lifting championships. Ortmayer won the stone loading event at the 2005 IFSA World Championships against such leading names as Magnus Samuelsson and Phil Pfister, but in the upcoming contest, he will have to face Dave Ostlund and Jesse Marunde, not to mention Kevin Nee.

Not just six stones will be on the line, but the final one - The Tombstone - has never been lifted in competition, so if you're in Pasadena at the FitExpo next month, you have a good chance to see history made because Odd Haugen said, "I predict that to win the stones, you will have to lift all six, and it will be done in under 30 seconds."

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