Two Man Deadlift: Big Guys, Bigger Number

"This weekend at the UK Tribute Team strongman championships, Laurence Shahleai and Rob Frampton set a record, we believe, in the two-man deadlift," Tom Jones reported to IronMind® yesterday.

Laurence Shahleai (left) and Rob Frampton (right) pulled 740-kg in the two-man deadlift. IronMind® | Photo courtesy of Team Strongman.
Laurence Shahleai (left) and Rob Frampton (right) pulled 740-kg in the two-man deadlift. IronMind® | Photo courtesy of Team Strongman.

"It's a big number," was Ken Brown's reaction, when IronMind® asked him whether or not he knew of an official world record. Ken is a world record-holder in the [one-man] Silver Dollar Deadlift, so considering the source, kudos were in order. And Colin Bryce - who is immersed in World's Strongest Man Super Series, Britain's Strongest Man, and World's Strongest Man - told IronMind®, "I am not sure if it's a world record or not, but I will say two things: it's very very impressive, and secondly, they are two very strong, good guys! Laurence is going to the Worlds [as in the World's Strongest Man contest] and finished fourth at BSM [Britain's Strongest Man]. Rob is also a massive deadlifter and runs a strongman gym."

Sounds like another thumbs up to us.

Back to Tom Jones's original report, here's how he called the action: "Lifting using a solid 2-inch bar, Big Loz (building up for his appearance at the World's Strongest Man competition) and Rob (a UK Strongest Man finalist) pulled 740 kg for the win in the event. With the solid bar you have no flex, so the men feel the full weight from the very start of the lift. What's even more amazing is that Rob pulled this weight with a fractured arm!"

Congratulations, guys - do we hear 750?

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