Travis Ortmayer Wins in Columbia

In a repeat of their duel at the FitExpo last month, Travis Ortmayer and Jesse Marunde battled it out in Columbia, South Carolina today and just as in Pasadena, Ortmayer got the win.

Calling Ortmayer "unbelievably strong," Odd Haugen said the deadlift was the go-ahead event for Ortmayer - nobody else could get a single rep, while Ortmayer hit a triple.

Jon Andersen finished in third place and Geoff Dolan was in fourth. Along with Ortmayer, Marunde and Andersen, Odd Haugen and Derek Poundstone qualified for the nationals.

Haugen had high praise for the contest, calling it "well-run" and saying "Mike Johnson and crew did a fantastic job . . . good crowd . . . very appreciative. The hospitality was great."

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