Travis Ortmayer: FIBO Strongman Classic

"Travis Ortmayer will be competing the coming weekend at the 3rd FIBO Strongman Classic in Essen, Germany," Heinz Ollesch reported to IronMind®.

"He will be challenging the top European strongman . . . His relatives come from Germany and he always wanted to compete here in Germany," Ollesh said. "There will be a very traditional event, the Bavarian Stonelift, and Travis is looking forward to this: The starting weight will be 325 kg and if one or more guy lifts it 100 cm we will increase the weight to 350 kg, where the world record is 89 cm."

Heinz Ollesch also told IronMind® that Martin Wildauer, the young Austrian nicknamed "the deadlift kid" because he has already done 400 kg and is only 21 years old, "is currently the best stonelifter here in Germany and Austria and he is looking very much forward to battling with Travis. So, if there is a chance to come to the FIBO, don't miss that great contest."

Also competing are: Jarno Hams, Szdenek Sedmik, Igor Werner (Winner of the FIBO Classic 2008), Tobias Ide (Strongest Man of Germany), Gregor Stegnar, Big Daddy Glenn Ross and Jimmy Laureys.

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