Tom McClure Wins ASC Strongman Contest

"The contest this past weekend in Florida was a great success, with 21 top ASC athletes competing," ASC President Dione Wessels told IronMind®, referring to the ASC strongman contest held in conjunction with the Minneola Splash Bash.

"Highlights from the show," reported Wessels, "were athletes such as Jason Bergman, Marshall White, and Henry Cervenka pulling over 800 pounds on the deadlift; and Tom McClure carrying each implement with ease, as though he were carrying a small toddler."

Tom McClure won, followed by Brad Dunn, in second, Jason Bergman, in third, and Marshall White, in fourth place.

"In the 105-kg division, new pro athlete Justin Blake (who had earned his pro card at the 2007 NAS Nationals) won," said Wessels, "with Glen Kaifus in second, Luke Bergman in third and Jared Spybrooke in fourth."

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