Titan Games: Chaplin, Luna, Burov and Hamman Win

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – On the final night of the Titan Games, men's weightlifting had the packed house on its feet. Oscar Chaplin (USA) won the 85-kg category with a 155-kg snatch and a 185-kg clean and jerk, Julio Luna (VEN) won the 94-kg category, hitting a 160-kg snatch and a 205-kg clean and jerk, and Boris Burov (ECU) won the 105-kg category, via his 182.5-kg snatch and 195-kg clean and jerk.

It was +105-kg winner, Shane Hamman (USA), however, who brought down the house, first with his 185-kg snatch and then with his 227.5-kg clean and jerk—boxing, wrestling, judo, and Taekwondo had just finished, so all eyes were on Hamman and he had the full house cheering on its feet as he made a good lift to close out the inaugural Titan Games.

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