Tight Competition at the IFSA 105-kg World Championships

IFSA-USA President Dione Wessels said the competition is so tight at the IFSA 105-kg World Championships that the final positions are still up for grabs.

Wessel's told IronMind®, "Today's events started with the Farmer's Walk at 50 meters with 120 kg each hand. "

"While the weight seemed heavy for some of the athletes," said Wessels, "other athletes almost sprinted with the weight. The top five finishers in the Farmer's Walk were Kevin Nowack-USA (22.84 seconds), Alvidas Brazdzius-Lithuania (22.45 seconds), Aleksandrov Zanev-Bulgaria (22.47 seconds), Janne Hartikainen-Finland (20.24 seconds), and Danny Anderson- England (18.17 seconds).

"The second event of day four was the 'Chime Long' Truck Pull. This event got off to a great start. Not many mistakes seen by the athletes. Kevin Nowack had a good start and was making a good time until he slipped right before the finish line, losing valuable seconds. The top finishers in this event were Janne Hartikanene of Finland, Stefan Weiermann of Austria, and Maris Rozentals of Latvia. The top three overall going into the last event of the day (the Yoke Walk) are Janne Hartikainen, Darren Sadler, and Alvidas Brazdzius."

Predicting an exciting battle right down to the end, Wessels said, "All of the points are close, so I am expecting to see some change on this event."

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