Three WSM Winners in the Vantaa Challenge

Maintaining their traditional of hosting a world-class strongman contest early in the season, IFSA Scandinavia is doing it again this year.

The IFSA Vantaa (Finland) Challenge will be presenting a leading field, including three World's Strongest Man winners: Svend Karlsen, Janne Virtanen and Magnus Samuelsson.

Also in the field are Jarno Hams, Martin Muhr, Gerrit Badenhorst, Zydrundas Savickas, Gregor Edmunds, and Jarek Dymek.

World's Strongest Man winner Jamie Reeves is the head referee, with Ilkka Kinnunen assisting him, and Marcel Mostert is the head timer and in charge of scoring.

The events for this world-class event are: a medley, crucifix, arm-over-arm pull, stones, Conan's circle, log for reps, and wheelbarrow. Be there, on April 20th, and get a first look at some of the favorites for this year's WSM show.

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